It is Called Repentance

Joseph Pearce’s Tolkien, Trees, and Tradition from The Imaginative Conservative is a great article with spot-on metaphors, such as the philosophy of the tree and that of the cloud, that push home his warnings and points formed around Tolkien’s words on that of which he was an expert: words.

While others might be preparing to celebrate All Hallows Eve in ghoulish costume, etc., The Vigil of All Saints from Liturgia Latina tells us what is read out in the celebration of Mass for Catholics on October 31st. Notice the tone of exaltation and joy that rings throughout, a far cry from the darkness and ugliness that hallmarks this date in the moderns’ calendar.

The Distributist Review provides The False Cult of Progress by Dale Ahlquist in which the author does an excellent job of ruthlessly removing the false idea of “progress” from the seat it inhabits and restores true progress to its proper place. “It is the Catholic Church that has always stood for real progress. We have a real goal in mind. It is heaven.”

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