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A colleague from the other side of the pond recently wrote about his journey out of the "recognize-and-resist" camp, or the "have your pope and anathematize him too" school, recently articulated by Fr. Rioult.

Moi, l’abbé Olivier Rioult, prêtre de l’Eglise catholique par la grâce de Dieu quoique indigne, parce « j’adhère à la sainte Foi de nos Pères » et que je veux « mourir » dans cette vérité, je crie anathème aux « nouveautés impies », à Benoît XVI et à François : tous deux apôtres de la liberté religieuse maçonnique[20]. L’amour du prochain m’oblige à déclarer sans ambiguïté la foi catholique et ses conséquences. C’est pourquoi je déclare refuser la communion avec ces fauteurs d’erreurs, ces corrupteurs de la foi, ces destructeurs de l’Eglise et ces traîtres à Notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ.

My aforementioned colleague, took the time to translate:

“I, Father Olivier Rioult, by the grace of God priest of the Catholic Church, although not worthy, because ‘I adhere to the holy Faith of our Fathers’ and want to ‘die’ in this truth, I cry anathema at the ‘impious novelties’, at Benedict XVI and at Francis: both apostles of masonic religious liberty. The love of my neighbor compels me to declare with no ambiguity the Catholic faith and its consequences. This is why I declare that I refuse communion with these perpetrators of errors, these corruptors of the faith, these destroyers of the Church and these traitors of Our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Here is the "Resistance" at its best, yet its most absurd.  It calls a spade a spade, but then says the spade is not a spade.  They call a heretic a heretic, but then say that it is not possible that he is not Pope.  This priest calls the man he considers to be the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth a "corruptor of the faith"?  Such disrespect and dishonor to the papacy would never be tolerated by a Catholic properly formed.  Alas it is par for the course for the faithful who have had faulty ecclesiology taught to them by the Society of St Pius X for almost 40 years.  An entire generation has been infected now, of which Fr. Rioult is perhaps the most prominent example (as long as you exclude Bishop Tissier de Mallerais calling Benedict a heretic).

If this article from my Polish colleague does anything, it continues to signal a worldwide awakening to the reality of the Modernist Vatican:  not the Catholic Church, not headed by the Vicar of Jesus Christ, but an ANTI-church headed by ANTI-popeWe have had anti-popes before; the Catholic Church will survive, it always has and will.  But its restoration to its full glory will never be helped along by those who recognize its enemies as the Church.

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