Flashback Friday: Fr. Michael Oswalt, 2011

In The Intellectual Life, Fr. Sertillanges says that one of the important things you can do in training your mind is to look back at work you have done and reflect on it.  I've been uploading some of the work I've previously only offered on my website and at True Restoration Media to YouTube.  Given YouTube's global reach and the interesting messages I often get from users on there who might stumble across interviews with Traditionalist clergy, I'll be featuring, on occasional Fridays, short excerpts of my long interviews.

This Friday's feature is an excerpt of my interview with Fr. Michael Oswalt in 2011.  I had interviewed Fr. Oswalt in 2009, right after he had left his post as a novus ordo priest of the diocese of Rockford, Illinois.  Convinced that the new rite of episcopal consecration was invalid, and therefore that his priesthood was invalid (as it was conferred on him by a bishop consecrated in the new rite), he had stopped celebrating Mass. In that first interview he told me of his plans to go to Mt. St. Michael and study to get ready to be ordained in the Traditional Rite.  This interview takes place on the day of that ordination as a priest of Jesus Christ, forever, at Mount St. Michael in 2011.
To date, Fr. Oswalt is the only priest I know of in the post-Vatican II epoch who has sought absolute, not conditional, ordination in the Traditional Rite after having been ordained in the novus ordo rite.

Stephen Heiner

Stephen founded True Restoration in 2006 and served as its first President until 2023. He now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.

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