Final season break before the end of Season 4

We recently returned to the air from our third season break of this year with a post about the music that is playing for the SSPX.  Fr. Cekada joined Stephen Heiner for a discussion about the new era that is dawning for them.

Separately we took a survey among those who have purchased our episodes but have not yet become members and had some Platinum Annual memberships as prizes.  Here were some of the quotes we got:

I love it. Started listening while in Novus Ordo seminary. Helped realize I had to get out. 

I feel my soul is not in danger listening to your productions. I can't really say that about anything else. 

I left the Novus Ordo May and joined a Traditional Catholic Church in large part because of what I had learned at TR. 

I am not a sedevacantist but I am not opposed to its possibility either. Thank you for presenting your evidence. We all are in this together. 

RR helped to solidify my decision to leave the Novus Ordo completely for the true Roman Catholic faith, and still nourishes my faith through shows about doctrine, spirituality, the Catholic Home, and post V2 shows.

I've found your programs very informative and I've heard a lot of quotations from books that I don't have access to. 

Sermons given by sedevacantist clergy gave me priceless advice regarding my spiritual life and provided numerous ideas on how to incorporate the Catholic lifestyle into my family. 

Truly Catholic. Charitable towards others of differing opinions. Depth of program subject matter. Quality production. Knowledgeable guests. 

If you understand that part of our mission at TR is undermining and exposing the Novus Ordo religion for the fraud that it is, you can imagine how gratifying it is to find out that people have left both their "parishes" and one of the Novus Ordo seminaries to embrace the true and integral Catholic Faith in part because of our work.  This vindicates all the personal and professional challenges we have to battle through to bring you Restoration Radio, and we are grateful for our member-supported (and as a result long-term financial viable) apostolate and ask for your continued prayers that it may succeed in its mission.  We are never satisfied and intend to continue to improve sound quality, upgrade user interface and experience, and innovate in show topics and content.

The winners of the Platinum Annual Memberships will be notified next week.  Season 4 ends after the 2nd Sunday of Advent.  Season 5 begins in 2016.

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