Ordination Week V: Reflecting on Anointed Hands

One of the great things about Ordinations is the gathering of priests together.  There is a great opportunity for fellowship but there is also the beautiful tradition of the laying on of hands.  These priests lay hands on the new priests, as they once had hands laid on them within their ordination ceremony.

We thought we would have a special show while I was here and ask some of the priests who are here at Most Holy Trinity Seminary to reflect on what Ordination Day meant to them: then and now.  Join a special program that included Fr. Oscar Saavedra, Fr. Charles McGuire, Fr. Daniel Ahern, and Fr. Stephen McKenna.

You are also welcome to view our pictures.  We put a Creative Commons copyright on them so if you want to share all we ask is that you attribute the images to True Restoration.  The pictures are hosted on Facebook but the settings are such that you do not have to be a Facebook user to see them!

Vesting and Procession

Mass and Ordination

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