Angels and Snakes, Eternity and Etiquette

The author of  The Long Run, on Those Catholic Men, encourages his readers to turn away from the “life is short, live for the moment” philosophy of modernity. “As Catholics, we have to understand that God calls us to take the long-run view, in relation to ourselves and the wider world, because He wants us to spend eternity with Him. Is there anything more “long run” than eternity?” Perseverance is the ultimate goal, and it is most certainly a long-term one.

We all have moments we look back on in our lives when we were fully aware of the hand of God helping events along, despite a lack of tangible evidence. In one such story, Guardian Angel, Snake Hunter on One Peter Five illustrates the protective power of our Guardian Angels and of prayer in times of adversity. Steve Skojec shares a personal story of encountering and killing a Copperhead snake with a host of improbabilities and uncanny circumstances.

Given the times in which we live, it is not surprising that many of the Faithful are unclear, uncertain, and even mistaken with regards to appropriate customs and etiquette pertaining to our clergy. Stephen Heiner addresses a few of these issues in his recent post to the True Restoration Blog, Episcopal Etiquette. It is an excellent briefing for converts and lifelong Catholics alike.

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