Even Hitler Valued Catholic Art

St. Simeon

The new movie, The Monuments Men is historically accurate on a "very basic level," according to this review by Aisha Harris, who compared it to the book on which it is based, The Monuments Men:  Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves, and the Greatest Hunt in History and found it wanting.  Catholic art plays a major role in the movie, particularly the Ghent Altarpiece and the Madonna of Bruges. 

TIA presents a personal account of how papal encyclicals changed after Vatican II.  Manoel Ricardo Fiuza describes the fervor with which he and his friends practiced and defended the faith in 1950s Brazil, until the rug got pulled out from under them by the new ambiguity.

Distinguishing between an urgent prayer and blasphemy:  Linen on the Hedgerow ponders this topic in "Are We Right Not to Be Offended?"

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