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Hopefully the weather is finally nice for those of you in the United States who have had some massive snowfall lately.  We've got a few bits of news for you.

There is a new sedevacantist UK mission.  It's in its early stages but you can track the progress on @CatholicMassUK on twitter.  The 1570 Society already have Mass once a month so that island of so many saints may see even more Masses without compromise with the novus ordo sect.  Wherever they do end up having Mass, you won't see a picture of a man in the vestibule who claims that, "There is no Catholic God.  I don't believe in a Catholic God."

On the other side of the pond, a group in Houston is putting together families for a similar no-compromise mission.  Find out more here.

Bishop Dolan spoke a bit about the Olympics in a recent sermon, though not in a way you might have liked.  For those among you who are Olympics fans (one of us, Stephen Heiner, was formerly an enormous fan of both the Winter and Summer Games) take a listen to a Restoration Radio broadcast from Season I on the topic.
Speaking of Restoration Radio, the website we constructed over the season break finally got updated with proper linking and instead of the URL masking issue some of you may have been having in December and January, now proper links will display whenever you click on individual shows.  The site has some tips on how best to use the site on the left-hand side, along with a link to the "Executive Producer's picks" and our most listened-to shows of all time.
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