Belgian Children to Pay the Price

St. Gabinus

Belgium, where supposedly 3/4 of the population is Catholic, has a newly-revised euthanasia law that provides for the murder of children under the age of 18.  Under certain conditions.  For their own good, of course.  In this Crisis article about this tragedy, Tracey Rowland describes her own personal experience of attending a conference there where a bizarre "mass" was offered.  She also remarks on the thoroughly Catholic architecture but notes that it is all just a hollow shell; the faith that built these buildings is dead.  Belgium truly is the poster child for Vatican II.

Mundabor, too, reports on the expansion of Belgium's euthanasia law and has no trouble identifying the root cause of the evil and holding the Vatican II Church responsible.  He also had a creepy novus ordo "mass" experience in Belgium.

Thankfully, there are still families where life is valued, and where they gladly make room for more children, more food, more books, more clothes.  Yes, living large has its challenges.   Large Families on Purpose reveals all its best storage and organizing tricks.

Welcome to the Restoration at the most basic level. . .Catholic statues.   Sacred artist Gwyneth Holston explains how to re-paint them in this short piece for Views from the Choir Loft.


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