Beyond the Space Time Continuum

At the recommendation of True Restoration's Matt Beck, we are pleased to share a review of The Quantum Enigma:  Finding the Hidden Key by Wolfgang Smith.  The review was written by William A. Wallace, O.P., who describes the book as reopening "a train of thought that has been somewhat muted in recent decades, namely, that of the relevance of the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas to solving problems raised by modern physics."

Latin Mass Society Chairman Robert Shaw argues that beautiful clothing can lift the heart to God in "Protestantism and the Cult of Ugliness".  Don't miss the comments.  Persistent "Eufrosnia" nips at his heels about the difference between not choosing to dress beautifully as opposed to choosing to dress ugly.

While Robert Shaw and Eufrosnia duke it out, Traditional Catholic Priest rejoices in the improvements in modesty and reverence at a bi-ritual parish in Phoenix.  Educating the children and their parents about these issues when they come for catechism classes has made the difference, he says.

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