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St. John the Baptist

June is drawing to a close, and you may realize with a pang that you didn't do all you intended to in order to honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  "7 Ways to Honor the Sacred Heart of Jesus" on The Catholic Gentleman blog is a good place to start.

Are you encouraging your boys to to take things apart and put them back together?  Repair the lawn mower?   In "Local Food and the Art of Tractor Maintenance," Steven Gorelick draws attention to a growing weak spot in the small farming trend--the loss of men with hands-on mechanical knowledge.

It's human to make mistakes, and the copying mistakes described in "The Beauty of Mistakes" on Medieval Fragments sure help us to feel closer to the medieval scribes who made them.  Irene O'Daly focuses on two particular errors, eyeskip and haplography.




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