Agony of Life

Alan Scott over at Grow in Virtue writes about picking up that cross and continuing on through hard times.  Everyone goes through those stages when the “agony of life” drags you down, sometimes so fast that it takes your breath away; Getting Back on the Horse is an encouraging article for those times.

It is an interesting story that lies behind To A Man Who Wants to Die!, which is provided by Owen Francis Dudley’s column.  Hopefully the man lived to read the reply and repent. “The real heroes of this world are not the stars of the screen, of the ring, of record-breaking; they are those who have trodden the way of the Cross with Christ, the conquerors of life and death.”

In conjunction with today’s subject, Finer Femininity’s piece Little Crosses by Rev. Daniel Considine, S.J. primarily addresses the miniature sufferings of everyday life that seem to be able to grind us down so easily.  How petty they can prove us to be!

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