Dust and Ashes

Ash Wednesday is upon us, bringing with it the Lenten season. Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals shares an excellent dissertation, Ash Wednesday, by Rev. James Luke Meagher, expounding upon the traditional significance and history of Ash Wednesday and Lent. “We begin the fast of Lent on Wednesday, for the most ancient traditions of the Church tell us that while our Lord was born on Sunday, he was baptized on Tuesday, and began his fast in the desert on Wednesday.”

Ash Wednesday on Liturgia Latina explores the customs and liturgical history of this holy day. This article is sure to kindle the penitential spirit: “‘Remember, man, that thou art dust, and into dust shalt thou return’. We come from dust and to dust we shall return! Here indeed, is a thought that should humble our pride.”

And for those who are still unsure what to have for dinner tonight, Catholic Cuisine has a suggestion that sounds both delicious and fitting. The recipe for Ash Wednesday Beans is free of dairy and eggs (and, of course, meat), and can be easily adapted for a crowd of any size.

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