A Few Points of Interest this Week

While enjoying our most-needed break from Restoration Radio for Advent & Christmas, several points of interest have popped up that we felt necessary to share with our readers.

Bishop Sanborn and Dr. Robert Fastiggi hash out Vatican II

Our good friends over at Novus Ordo Watch have been hard-at-it and have released a trailer of a never-before-seen debate from 2004 between His Excellency, Bishop Donald Sanborn, rector of Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Brooksville, Florida and Dr. Robert Fastiggi, professor of systematic theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit, Michigan. The debate topic was whether or not Vatican II teaches heresy. Answering in the affirmative was Bishop Sanborn (who would have guessed that?) and answering in the negative was Dr. Fastiggi. The debate is slated to be released on New Years' Eve of 2013 A.D. Check out the trailer below.

For more information on this debate, visit the Novus Ordo Watch V2 Debate Page.
Thirsting for more information on how Vatican II is heretical?
For a forensic study of the worst of the Vatican II documents, listen to our three-hour super show with His Excellency on the problems with Vatican II.Be sure to exercise your right to vote! 
Novus Ordo Watch has released their 2013 "Novus Ogre Award" poll. Vote now!

What's for dinner at Ecône this evening? Chicken Waffles


Father Cekada gave us another of his quidlibets this week explaining in a clear and concise fashion the ridiculous double-speak of Bishop Bernard Fellay, SSPX, regarding public statements he made about Jorge Bergoglio at the Angelus Press Conference in October 2013 in Kansas City. In an embarrasingly futile attempt to justify the SSPX's "recognize & resist" ecclesiology, Bishop Fellay had to issue yet another "what I really meant to say was..." interview to clarify what he clarified. Is anyone noticing a trend here with His Excellency? Look for another clarification of the clarification of what was clarified in the future.  

Superb reading. 

Our New Restoration Radio Catalogue Site

We have been searching for a way to make things more user-friendly to navigate our radio show archives for those who want a more streamlined look, and searchable-by-show features. Check out our new website which will house a clean catalogue of our work.


Of course, do not forget that the shows are always available in the iTunes store, delivered right to your device of choice.  

A sincere thank you to our listeners!

Since our year-end round up show, the last of season II, we have heard from many listeners and are humbled at the kind words you have shared with us. From all of us: Stephen, Nicholas, Justin, Maggie & Wendy, thank you. We are excited about things firing back up in January for Season III.

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