All Francis Friday

St. Nicholas of Myra

The Vatican II Church as entertainment.  Rorate sums up the latest scandal involving one of Francis' advisers in a post titled, "Beyond Belief: A Neoconservative Reality Show."  If you want to skip to the chase, ABC News has the full story here.

Resignationism?  Novus Ordo Watch reports on the neo-sedevacantist position recently espoused by Fr. Paul Kramer.

Time to turn the waffles!  Fr. Cekada nails Bishop Fellay for his inconsistency about Francis' modernism.

Mundabor ponders the loss of the sensus catholicus in today's Catholics.  They don't seem to be troubled by the "personal opinions and strange theories" of Francis.

Measuring those modernist maneuvers.  Louie Verrecchio sizes up Cardinal Maradiaga's speech and inserts his interpretation.

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