A Christmas Carol

On Saturday the 21st of January was celebrated the feast of one of the most well-known of Roman virgin martyrs, a heroine whose name swells the heart of every young Catholic girl with admiration and pride. St. Agnes, Virgin and Martyr is a brief article of her martyrdom along with some customs the Church observes on this feast, provided by Liturgia Latina. “Lo, what I desired, I now do see; what I did hope for I now possess; now am I united in heaven to him whom I loved with my whole heart upon earth.”

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol had a profound effect on and gave birth to some favourite themes in the realm of Christmas literature. Memoria Press’s The Descendants of Scrooge by Martin Cothran gives some insight into how this was done and at the same time showcases Dickens’ masterful work.  Scrooge and his descendants serve as examples to demonstrate the significance of Christmas.

Be sure to have your speakers turned on when you look at the Wexford Carol from Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals.  This beautiful Irish Christmas carol will help to bring a joyful close to the Yule-tide spirit within our own hearts and homes as Catholics complete their rejoicing at the birth of “the Lord of Life Who came on earth to end all strife.”

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