SoundCloud, Forum, and a Gift for Annuals

Season 6 begins! In addition, Free and Sponsored Episodes will begin appearing in our Podcast RSS feed, hosted through SoundCloud. The feed is also accessible on iTunes - Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and direct RSS for any podcast app. The episodes are easily shared through SoundCloud.

The feed will begin with Season 1: The Flagship Show, Episode 1: Monarchy and Christian Neoplatonism:

Hello this is Stephen Heiner and welcome to the first episode of Restoration Radio...


Come Join Us: Forum Access for Registered Members

For those members who have not yet discovered it, there is an excellent way for all of our members to connect with us and socialize! Join the True Restoration Forum, where you will find True Restoration staff and members in an informal and accessible atmosphere. Browse topics or start a new one to discuss pertinent issues, ask questions, or simply enjoy a casual conversation with like-minded Catholics. To locate the Forum, sign into your account, select the “Forum” tab near the upper righthand corner of our webpage. We hope to see you there soon!


Special Gift for Annuals

Annual Members, the gift teased in the Season 6 Preview show is now available.

Jason Guardiano

Jason escaped the Novus Ordo sect in 2014. He is TR’s Director of IT and one of its owners.