Whence the Queen?

Do you know who inspired the most powerful piece in the most famous game ever? Spain's Catholic Chess Queen by Meghan Ferrara on Regina will tell you who she is and the fascinating history behind the reason it is called what it is and can do what it does. There’s always more than meets the eye.

Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals provides a pertinent piece to the month of November, The Location of Purgatory by Rev. John Nageleisen. Therein the author goes into detail of the location of Purgatory itself, mentioning also the sentences of some souls to make reparation for their sins in specific places on earth, as well as covering the duration of Purgatory. It is truly enlightening as to the reality of the dire need souls have for help from us, the Church Militant. “Many Holy Souls not found sufficiently pure to enter heaven at their death, suffer long in Purgatory because we deny them the aid of our suffrages in the belief that they are high in the glory of heaven, whilst they are helpless in the torments of the middle state. We deem it an act of Christian charity to regard our deceased beloved ones as beyond the need of purification…”

Fun in the Field is a G. K. Chesterton special provided by The Distributist Review that first appeared in “G. K.’s Weekly” back in 1932. Needless to say, his advice, wit and sense of fun is as appreciable as ever. “The old pagan world was far too personal, with its personal government, its personal and almost simple greed, and its only too personal gods. Therefore it was often necessary to protest against it by the renunciation of personal property. The modern paganism is far too impersonal with its impersonal bureaucracies, its impersonal fantasy of finance and usury, its impersonal and therefore more than imbecile god. Therefore it is often necessary to protest against it by the assertion of personal property.”

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