Life Denied, Unmerited Gifts, and Silence

Offered first for your perusal is a short documentary about the effects of the legalization of so-called physician assisted suicide entitled Compassion and Choice DENIED. Written and directed by Jennifer Lahl and posted on The Center for Bioethics and Culture Network, this 15 minute film gives a face and a voice to the terminally ill who are being forsaken by the culture of death in which live.

Although the U.S. presidential election has come and gone, the world is still reeling from this epic and historic vote. Uncertainty abounds. Steve Skojec at One Peter Five shares some sobering thoughts in his post At a Historic Crossroads, What Should Americans Pray For? “But I became suddenly aware that I couldn’t pray for justice or prosperity without caveat; for if we receive justice, we will be chastised. If we receive prosperity, there will be no catalyst to return us to virtue.”

Señorita Rita at Who Shall Find a Valiant Woman provides superb guidance regarding the virtue of silence in her article A More Elaborate Dissertation on Silence. Because most of us must speak sometimes, and many of us speak far more than we ought, this valuable advice is well worth reading.

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