Said Hanrahan

Cattle Facts provides what is perhaps the most famous poem of John O’Brien’s Around the Boree Log. Said Hanrahan succinctly characterises the eternal pessimists of this world in a 1920s rural Australian setting. Don’t be a Hanrahan.

Not straying from the anti-pessimism motif to which I find myself warming, here’s an appropriate article from The Catholic Gentleman, Life's Not Fair: Finding Joy by Accepting Things as They Are. “There is even a sense in which moderns believe they are entitled to this comfort and ease—that it is some sort of fundamental human right.” The piece definitely calls to mind Hillaire Belloc’s famous quote:
“Wherever the Catholic sun doth shine,
There’s always laughter and good red wine.
At least I’ve always found it so.
 Benedicamus Domino!”

Last of all is a Fun Fact from Catholic Kingdom to honour the feast of the Poor Man of Assisi! Heavenly Music, ah how beautiful it must be. “Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord, and our heart is restless until it finds its rest in thee.”

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