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Sts. John and Paul

Catholic historian Christopher Dawson provided the scholarly shoulders on which some of the greatest Christian thinkers and writers of the 20th century stood, according to this Imaginative Conservative essay by Bradley J. Birzer.

The harsh reality of trying to farm for a living while simultaneously attempting to establish a truly Catholic community is discussed in this post by Kevin Ford at New Catholic Land Movement.  Sadly, his most recent post explains that he is taking a break from blogging while he figures out what direction God wants him to go.

Finer Femininity offers this insightful analysis of marriage as a career.  Written by Charles Hugo Doyle, it provides an interesting perspective as it compares the tasks of popular professions to comparable responsibilities within the married state.  It is at once encouraging and illuminating.  It also provides some much-needed ammunition for the holders of the MRS degree.

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