The Strength of Tradition

Commemoration of St. Rose of Viterbo

"Europe is the Faith, and the Faith is Europe" is a quote that still holds true.  Now that the Novus Ordo Sect's faith is reduced to something that is often ridiculous, Western culture has followed suit.  Juan Manuel de Prada makes the point beautifully in this Rorate Caeli piece, "Without Tradition, We Are Cattle."

In "Huge Wine Cellar Unearthed at Biblical-Era Palace in Israel," Smithsonian reports on archaeologists' findings as a result of studying a private Canaanite wine cellar that was destroyed around 1600 B. C.

"There was a woman; she loved her husband. . ."  Shannon Hayes explains why independent farmers make the sacrifices they do in this article for Resilience, "The Radical Homemaker on the First Step to Becoming a Farmer."





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