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St. Marius & Comp., St. Canute, King

A college student discusses the purpose of the arts from a Catholic point of view and how it is is met in two vastly different films, It's a Wonderful Life and Interstellar, in this piece for Intercollegiate Review, "2 Films that Thomas Merton and Flannery O'Connor Might Approve."

"Plant those Benedictine seeds early and deeply..."  Ignatius has published a glorious new children's picture book on the life of St. Benedict.  Peter Kwasniewski reviews it here for New Liturgical Movement and includes wonderful photos of two-page spreads.  It sells for about $15 on Amazon.

Also on NLM, a post on a fantastical 15th-century monstrance.   Make sure you visit the Milan Cathedral Museum site to ogle this work of art in all its sumptuous detail and large photo majesty.

Pray the conversion of non-Catholics during the Chair of Unity Octave, as explained here on the Daily Catholic.

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