This Sense of Longing

St. Katherine Drexel

Should we be trying to spread democracy around the world when we're not even happy with it ourselves?  Why are we Americans both "bored and uneasy?"  Mark Mitchell explores "The Homeless Modern" in this Intercollegiate Review article.

In this FPR piece, They Been Here, David Mills addresses the same problems as Mitchell does in The Homeless Modern, but he does it from the perspective of blacks who have occupied a section of New York for 40 years and want their "rootedness" to be respected by the new people who move in.

Part of the restlessness we feel surely has to do with "The Coming Demographic Winter" that Regis Martin writes about in this Imaginative Conservative piece.  The number of maternity-free women in America is now down to 1 in 5, but cheer up--it's 1 in 4 in Italy.

Lagniappe:  "Reflections for Shrove Tuesday" by Dom Gueranger

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