The Annunciation and the Medieval Imagination

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Including iconography from Adam and Eve, prototypes, and Mary's background history are some of the ways that artists have expanded the "storytelling" of the Annunciation, according to art historian Margaret Duffy.  This is her fifth article in a series on the art of the Joyful Mysteries.  It is scholarly yet easily understood by the layperson and like the others in the series, it fascinates and inspires, even if you only look at the pictures.

In this fun, yet serious piece, Matt Walsh declares that ADHD is a mythical disease and that the "symptoms" are highly sought after in many job descriptions, especially for new car salesmen.

Some mothers are being threatened with losing WIC (Women with Infant Children) benefits, which include food and breastfeeding support, if they don't have their children vaccinated.  The Healthy Home Economist details the options available for fighting back in "WIC Threatening Unvaccinated Kids with Starvation."

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