They Are Not Ungrateful

The words of Mother Mectilde, provided by Vultus Christi, urge us to Forget not the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Not only must we remember especially during the month of November to keep the Holy Souls in our prayers but also to offer sacrifices for them.

Alan Scott once again writes a simple yet hard-hitting piece, True Charity, taken from Catholic Exchange. Be the action ever so good, one’s motive is what determines the merit of that action. Let us always be wary of bad motives. “Charity is a very holy virtue. One that we must practice, not only during an instance of need but also during every day of our lives. And we must act as unselfishly with other people and situations as possible, for God’s sake. Not our own.”

The importance of daily spiritual reading can’t be overstated for aiding us to focus our thoughts, and subsequently our lives, on God and things of God. 5 Spiritual Books Every Man Should Read by Sam Guzman on The Catholic Gentleman provides some excellent recommendations including the very popular Imitation of Christ and The Introduction to the Devout Life. Have you read all or even any of these books?

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