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St. Patrick

It's getting hot in the novus ordo pot.  Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report wonders how Newchurch Catholics would act and why if the Synod on the Family were to allow the divorced and remarried to receive Holy Communion.

According to this press release from Una Voce Costa Rica, Catholics there have been begging for the Mass of All Time from their Newchurch prelates since 2010, to no avail.  Now a SSPX chapel has opened, and Una Voce is recommending their faithful go there "to seek spiritual assistance and the sacraments," with not a word about small-minded rules like "faculties".  (Find and read the fine print at the bottom of the page, which is not showing on Rorate's version of the letter.)

The Duchess of Cambridge wears the green with style as she distributes shamrock sprigs in this  St. Patrick's Day ceremony.

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