What’s Luv Got to Do With It?

St. Cyril of Jerusalem

King Philippe of Belgium is a practicing Catholic?  And he signed the child euthanasia bill?   Crisis tells the story without mentioning mortal sin or questioning where the hierarchy was in all this.

One must assume that King Philippe is not concerned about his Judgment Day. In this archived article by Peter Kreeft, the Boston College professor explains how proper fear of the Lord casts out wimpy "Luv" and helps us to dread sin.

Regina Magazine's photo essay on veiling features some interesting facts about St. Veronica and the history of veiling.  The focus seems to be more on showing how lovely the young women look veiled and how gorgeous the veils themselves are, rather than Catholic modesty in the presence of Our Lord.  However, it is beautifully done as a professional photo shoot and showcases the mystery of veiling in a way not usually seen.

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