The Murder of Masculinity

Very few, aside from those who are caught up in them themselves, would fail to affirm that video and computer games have become problematic and addictive in modern society. They seem to be particularly alluring for young men. But as Jason Craig points out in The Problem Behind The Problem Of Video Games at Those Catholic Men, this epidemic is truly a symptom of a much larger, underlying cultural issue: the sanitization and demasculinization of our boys and men.

In honor of Our Lady’s month, The Thinking Housewife shares Thomas Tallis’ Videte Miraculum set to beautiful artwork, and provides the English translation. Take a few minutes to enjoy this magnificent homage to Our Blessed Mother.

Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals has an excellent piece about today’s feast, The Apparition of St. Michael, the Archangel. It includes writings from Father Prosper Gueranger and several beautiful prayers in honor of this powerful saint.

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