Prince of Darkness, Lady of Light

The Satan Club is appearing at more and more elementary schools throughout the United States courtesy of local Satanic Temples. No, this is not satire, but reality. Christopher Sandford at Chronicles provides the details of a recently established chapter of this “club” in the Tacoma Public School district in his article The Satan Club. The Enemy grows in boldness as evil pervades society.

But even in the face of such previously unthinkable horrors, fear and dismay ought not disturb our peace. Our Lady is always by our sides. Miracle at Mont-St-Michel on Unam Sanctam Catholicam offers an account of one of the miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Middle Ages, in which a pregnant, laboring woman was caught in the incoming tide and sought the Blessed Virgin’s assistance. “…and she came with the child to the shore; and the sight of her who had been left alone in the sea, coming forth no longer alone, was a marvel for all the people to behold.”

Ash Wednesday is one week from today - are you prepared for Lent? For those observing Lent with children, Catholic Icing has a wonderful collection of Lenten Activities for Children. These crafts and tools will help your young ones reap some of the fruits of the penitential season while teaching them its importance.

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