The Last Acceptable Phobia

The continuous contradictions caused by the no-right-or-wrong dogma of modernism continue to spread confusion and chaos through the world, as now it seems even one’s gender is a question for situational ethics. Transgenderism and the Last Acceptable Phobia by Mr. Sean Fitzpatrick on Those Catholic Men addresses this issue with true Charity, showing the kindness and respect that is owed to every human soul. It offers a superb reminder of the manner in which Catholic men must lead the way through these insane times. “Resist the stream. Keep it real. Keep it true. Be a man.”

Jorge Bergoglio recently spoke to the press in a half-hearted attempt to stem the current rumor about female deacons soon being allowed in Novus Ordo churches, successfully muddying the waters further. He claimed that those reporting on this are “not telling the truth of things.” However, A Catholic Life gives a thorough account of his actual views and actions in the article Francis Open to Women Deacons? by David Martin. Is this truly a surprise to anyone? The facts are outlined succinctly and ought to be added to the arsenal of anyone who may find themselves battling for the soul of a Novus Ordite.

Forgiveness for the Soul by Grow in Virtue’s Alan Scott offers not only a poignant explanation of the necessity of offering forgiveness, but advice for learning to offer it more freely.

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