Evil and Sorrow

Last week brought yet another atrocity to hallowed ground at the hands of the Vatican II antichurch. Novus Ordo Watch offers the story in Profanation in Rome: Anglican Liturgy celebrated in St. Peter’s Basilica, where the event is detailed. Fittingly, this abomination occurred on Monday, 13 March, which also happens to have been the anniversary of Bergoglio’s election as antipope.

Señorita Rita has an edifying post on How A Catholic Should Respond To Grief at To be Valiant is to be Virtuous. This excerpt from Father Faber’s “At the Foot of the Cross” is both eye-opening and instructive. “We pull down the blinds, and tread lightly when sickness is in the house, but let us take care not to do so to sorrow in our own souls.  For sorrow is by no means a sickness of the soul; it is its health, and strength, and vigor.”

We end with a passage from Mystical City of God in honor of this month, March, which is dedicated to St. Joseph. Tradition in Action shares Venerable Mary of Agreda’s words in St. Joseph, an Undervalued Saint.

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