The Incredible Catholic Mass, Episode 1: The Nature and Excellence of Holy Mass

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the perfect sacrifice. A sacrifice is an offering that we make to God and is consecrated in a solemn manner by a consecrated priest in recognition that God is the Supreme Being.

Father Julian Larrabee and host Jason Guardiano begin this series with examining the Nature of Holy Mass and the Excellence of Holy Mass.

Father Julian Larrabee

Father Julian Larrabee

The text for this series is The Incredible Catholic Mass by Father Martin von Cochem.

1. The Nature of Holy Mass
-The Attacks Made by Heretics upon the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
2. The Excellence of Holy Mass
-The Dedication of Churches
-The Manner of Conferring Holy Orders

The music used in this show was composed by Nicholas Wilton. To enjoy more of his work go to:

Original Air Date: October 5, 2021
Show Run Time: 58 minutes
Show Host: Jason Guardiano
Show Guest: Fr. Julian Larrabee

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