To Love Selflessly

Taking a leaf out of Shakespeare’s King Lear, Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian presents a model of true charity in his article, The Perfect Daughter, from Seton Magazine.  The daughters who spout copious words on the love they have for their father soon thereafter render their words meaningless by their shameful deeds. However,  the daughter who briefly but simply states her love for the king, despite being mistreated in return for her devotion, risks all for the love of her father.  “If you love me, keep my commandments.” – John 14:15


Fairy tales are a powerful means of bringing home a point that might otherwise be difficult to comprehend.  Here’s one that perhaps you haven’t read before: Love in the Heart of This Fairy Tale Is out of This World, by David M. Wright on Memoria Press.  Sound familiar?


And if you aren’t already in the Passiontide mindset, let this beautiful, ancient prayer, Vexilla Regis from Vultus Christi, uplift your mind and heart.

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