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The Crown of Thorns

All the scary science stuff comes from Modernism's insistence on separating metaphysics from physics.   Joseph Pearce examines the topic, beginning with the definition of science, in "What is Science?" for The Imaginative Conservative.

Political Pondering:  If Tolkien were alive today, would he be a pacifist? an environmentalist? a Luddite?  In Lord of the Permanent Things, on Intercollegiate Review, Jonathon Witt and Jay W. Richards sift through Tolkien's writings for evidence of where he stood.

Following a monastic model?  St. Luke's University Health Network is growing tomatoes...and all sorts of other produce too, and serving it in their cafeterias and to patients.  "From Farm to Patient:  How One Medical Facility is Rethinking Hospital Food," is the epitome of a feel-good story.  Great video too.

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