Hail, Holy Queen!

A blessed Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary to all of our readers! 31st May, The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Liturgia Latina includes excerpts from today’s Mass and a link to the Encyclical letter “Ad Coeli Reginam” written by Pope Pius XII in 1954, the year in which he established this feast. Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals offers a selection from “The Glories of Mary” by Saint Alphonsus Di Liguori and prayers appropriate for today in Mary, Our Queen, Our Mother.

David Warren shares some pointed and insightful thoughts about the accelerating insanity of the Hedonistic world around us inspired by the recent attack at the Manchester music hall in his article entitled Children of the Childless at The Catholic Thing. The rise of contraception and consequent plummeting birth rates are fueling the slide into chaos. “And seeing the future, one also sees the past, in a way that is changed by children… There is a continuity that one might dryly comprehend, so that intellectuals may smile at the simplicity of this statement. To have children is to feel it – not as an abstraction, but in one’s flesh and bones.”

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