Apologetics, Episode 0: Introduction

Bishop Donald Sanborn

Bishop Donald Sanborn

New to 2016, the Apologetics Series will take members through a comprehensive study on Catholic Apologetics – the science of defending the Catholic Faith against its deniers and to point out the credibility of the Faith to those who are interested.

In this episode, Bishop Donald Sanborn will discuss with host Phil Stone the book that will be studied over the course of the show, The Defense of the Catholic Church, by Francis X Doyle S.J. and the reasons for choosing it.

Aimed at the Catholic layman the book explains apologetics in a logical manner to arrive at the conclusion that the Catholic Faith has all the hallmarks of the True Religion, founded by Jesus Christ. The series will show that everyone can arrive at certitude regarding the credibility of the Catholic Faith and that it is something that ought to be believed because it has all the characteristics of Divine revelation.

This series however will explain the subject clearly and comprehensively, in true Bishop Sanborn style, so that the listener does not necessarily need a copy of the book to gain a thorough understanding of the defense of the One True Faith.

Reprints of the The Defense of the Catholic Church, now available in the TR Press Store (strongly recommended by Bishop Sanborn to purchase a copy)

Original Air Date: January 18, 2016
Show Run Time: 40 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Donald Sanborn
Show Host(s): Phil Stone
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Apologetics, Episode 0: Introduction
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