The Flagship Show, Episode 34: Health & Fitness

Do you know from where your beef comes?

Do you know from where your beef comes?

In this month's episode of the True Restoration Flagship show, we dive into the topics of health and fitness.

In what seems to be an all-too-often avoided subject, should Catholics care about taking care of their health and trying to attain a respectable level of fitness, or is this flirting with worldliness? Do we really care or know anything about what we are putting into our bodies or from where it comes? How many of us think about such things as the quality of our drinking water? We will talk about tips for reducing the costs of eating healthy and various methods to procure high quality meats such as grass-fed beef, fresh eggs, and pastured poultry pork. We will discuss briefly the paradigm shift in mindset of people and their food supply, why food & children matter and the subject of keeping a small home garden for our families to eat off of throughout the growing year.

Join us on this episode of the Flagship Show as host Nicholas Wansbutter is joined by guests Monika Wansbutter and Justin Soeder as we dive into this very timely and important topic.

Original Air Date: March 9, 2014
Show Run Time: 2 hour 7 minutes
Show Guest(s): Justin Soeder, Monika Wansbutter
Show Host(s): Nicholas Wansbutter
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