True Men as We Need Them


True Men as We Need Them

A Book of Instruction for Men in the World

By Rt. Rev. Monsignor Bernard O’Reilly, D.D., L.D.


With the Cordial Commendation of Archbishop McCloskey, 1878.

Chapters include: Ideal of the True Man’s Home, The True Man’s Home-Duties, The Father, The Father’s Supreme Duty, Boyhood, Matrimony, Obstacles of Manliness, The Professional Man, The Business Man, The Laboring Man.


From the Author’s Preface:
“The hearty welcome given by the public to the Mirror of True Womanhood, encourages the author to send forth this volume as a companion to it. The same plan, so far as the subject-matter would permit, has been followed in both. Much of the utility as well as of the success of the present work will depend on those who have so generously patronized its predecessor – the True Women of America. Coming from their hand to husband, son, or brother, the book will prove acceptable and most precious. Its lessons too must derive much of their advocacy of the wives and mothers to whom we must owe the true men of the future.”



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