Money Manipulation and (the) Social Order



by Father Denis Fahey, C.S.Sp.


The art of money manipulation is similar to the art of manipulating the number of inches in a foot or ounces in a pound or days in a week. Those who can do it are in control of the lives and fortunes of those who cannot. Since peace within societies and between nations must be founded upon justice, it stands to reason that there cannot be any justice or peace in a world where the manipulators of money control the economic order to their own advantage. The Christian social order of the nation inevitably breaks down.


The money question is very much on the mind of the people of the Western world, in particular, today. Only the Catholic Church has the answers that we seek. Father Fahey is among the best expositors of the social Kingship of Christ and the economic principles of a Christian social order.


“According to right order, then, money or exchange medium is for the production of material goods, and the production of material goods is for the virtuous life of members of Christ of which the foundation is laid in the Christian family. Money, according to Saint Thomas, was invented by the art of man for the convenience of exchange by serving as a common measure of things saleable.”

— Quoted from Chapter Two


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Money Manipulation and Social Order

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