The Backbiting Tongue



The Backbiting Tongue

by Fr. Belet


Originally written in French in 1870, Fr. Belet wages war against one of the worst sins of his (and our) time – backbiting – better known to us as detraction (telling the faults of others without cause). In his war on detraction, Fr. Belet drafts into his army all the best men of Western Civilization: King David, Isaias, Saints James, Luke, Matthew, Paul, John Chrysostom, Jerome, Cassian, Gregory the Great, Augustine, Bernard, Thomas Aquinas and Aristotle, Plato, Horace, Seneca, Pliny, Constantine, and many others.


O.D.M. translation of the French book: La langue medisante, drawn from Les defauts de la langue; Oeuvre de la Propagande, Turcoing, France, 1870

78 pages

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