Young Man of Character



The Young Man of Character – A guide to fortifying and rebuilding the natural foundation of manhood.

By Bp. Tihamer Toth


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Few men are born to be conquerors. Few men are born to be leaders of countries. But to conquer the realm of the soul, and to gain the crown of manly character, this lofty task awaits each one of us.


Bishop Tihamer Toth was born towards the end of the 19th Century in Hungary and was ordained a priest in 1911. Devoted to the salvation of souls, Bishop Toth wrote profusely, as well as delivering weekly lectures at the University of Budapest where he was a professor of homiletics and of pastoral theology. By the end of his short life (he would die in 1939, the same year as his episcopal consecration) he had contributed greatly to the spiritual life of the Hungarian people.


This book is his reflection on the virtues necessary to be a truly virtuous young man. In The Young Man of Character, Bishop Toth seeks to create real, manly character in the souls of the young, and does so by examining, point by point, each aspect necessary to the development of that character. Far from something belonging to another century or generation, this insigthful work has perhaps never been more needed than in our own age, when manly virtue is attacked, and true chivalry is scorned.
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