Mr Jason Craig at Those Catholic Men has an excellent piece on the indispensable role each generation plays for the next. Dear Men, Without You Boys CANNOT Be Virtuous - Here’s What to Do will inspire our male readers to guide, mentor, and just plain spend time with the boys who so desperately need the benefit of their wisdom and experience. As with so many things, we Catholics ought to be setting the example for the society around us: “In our culture of anti-tradition and glory-in-rebellion, men must learn to befriend, or ‘re-friend’ the next generation.”

The internet can be an amazing tool, however, it must be used with great prudence. In a post entitled, Not Dead, And Thinking… on The Muniment Room, the author shares some thoughts on this tool of modernity, including cautions and advice for fruitful and edifying use thereof.

Perfect for this month of the Poor Souls, Walking Amongst the Dead by K. V. Turley on Catholic Exchange will rouse camaraderie with the Church Suffering and true perspective on the trappings of life. “This November, you could do worse than take a ‘short cut’ through a graveyard. You will not be alone. As winter draws in, all of nature reminds us that life is given only for a season and that, just as with the fallen leaves all around, our end too draws ever closer.”

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