The finale of the 1000/100 Challenge

About 10 months ago, in March 2014, we launched the 1000/100 initiative.  We proposed to hit 1000 fans/followers/subscribers across each of the three major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as add 100 new members.  With about 60 days to go we are pleased to say that thanks to the guidance of Wendy Haught, our Social Media Manager, we have hit those goals across Facebook, Twitter, and are just about 50 subscribers away from hitting it on YouTube.  We have achieved our goal of adding at least 100 new members to our subscription services.  "Enter" by simply liking, following, and subscribing!

Remember that the prizes on offer are three Platinum Annual Memberships, and they are transferable so if you already have one you can gift one to a friend.  It's our way of giving back and saying thanks for helping us grow our presence online!

We have been "away" for a while but this doesn't mean we haven't been busy.  Fr. Cekada's crowdfunder is in its final days, and if you wanted our takes on modern dystopian films or Charlie Hebdo, we've included the links.  And in case you didn't know, we have a daily news feed called the Restoration Reader that features three articles worth reading almost every day.  Click on the three bars on the logo and you can sign up to get the articles delivered to your email every time we publish.

Finally, we hope you are enjoying Season 4 of Restoration Radio as much as we are enjoying producing it.  We haven't yet rolled out our full catalogue of new shows, but by Candlemas we will have.  As always, keep us in your prayers.

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