Ordination Week II: The invalidity of the New Rite of Episcopal Consecration

Archbishop Lefebvre and at least one of his bishops, Bishop Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, have expressed positive doubts regarding the new rite of episcopal consecration.  One of the reasons why this week's ordination is so important is because the Novus Ordo doesn't have valid bishops, valid priests, or valid sacraments.  This interview with Father Anthony Cekada done in 2011, previously only available to True Restoration Media subscribers and for a la carte purchase, has now been made free to the general public.  In this important interview Stephen Heiner discusses with Father what is necessary for the sacrament of Holy Orders and why the new rite of Episcopal Consecration falls short.

Tomorrow we will have a new priest!  Please keep Rev. Mr. Bede Nkaumke in your prayers!

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If you want to do the reading and research behind these issues, under the banner head of "look it up" which we always champion here at TR, you can look at these articles of Father Cekada:

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