News Roundup: October 23, 2013

Reviewing the movie, Amour, for Tradition in Action, Fr. Paul Stretnovik expresses his horror at the surprise ending and what it means for the souls involved.

Catholic artist Daniel Mitsui's wife gave birth prematurely on Sept. 25 to a 1 lb, 7oz. baby girl.  He asks for prayers in this lovely blog post where he also explains the significance of his new daughter's name, Alma Hildegard, and relates his hopes for her future.  The family will be facing some staggering medical bills.  If you can help, Mr. Mitsui has many prints for sale that are priced below $100.  One of them might make a perfect Christmas gift for someone on your list.  Find them here. To learn more about Mr. Mitsui's thoroughly Catholic approach to his work, listen to Restoration Radio's third episode of The Beautiful Things, "Medieval Illuminations."

The Imaginative Conservative resurrects a Joe Sobran piece on loving a few old books well, so well that the authors "become voices in your mind."

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