Mass in Madrid *Updated*

I offer corrections to the original text that Father asked me to add today.

On April 27th, Fr. Ricardo Isaguirre, who is a priest-friend of the IMBC, will say a non-una-cum Mass in Madrid, Spain, in reparation for the sacrilegious (non)canonization of (S)Aint' John XXIII and (S)Aint' John Paul II, of the Novus Ordo sect, by Jorge M. Bergoglio in Rome where the Argentine lay Jesuit usurps the papal dignity and office.  Father will give a conference after Mass and there will be refreshments.  For more information please call (00 34) 663 449 238 or email nonunacummadrid at

Stephen Heiner will be bringing a small group of people down from Paris to attend the Mass and tape the conference, which will be given in Spanish.  Those interested in attending should contact mail at for more details.

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