Lights, Songs, Angels

Catholic Exchange presents an excerpt from Jacques-Bénigne Bossuet’s Meditations for Advent under the title The Song of Angels. “A good will is one that is in conformity with the will of God. As his will is good in itself, the one who conforms to it is good by that likeness. Let us then rule our will by the will of God.” An excellent meditation as we prepare for the arrival of the Infant Jesus.

Christmas is an especially painful time for families in poverty. However, as John Clark at Seton Magazine points out in his article We Always Had Christmas Lights, an impoverished home can be a far more perfect metaphor for the Faith, and a far better place for rearing good Catholics. It is a timely reminder of where our preparations ought be focused this Advent.

The Amazing Origins of the Most Beautiful Christmas Song at Return to Order is a riveting true story about the creation and spread of one of the most beloved Christmas songs worldwide. Although a longer read, you’ll find yourself pulled along from paragraph to paragraph, eager to see the pieces fall together.

This will be the last Restoration Reader of 2017. They will resume when our new broadcast season begins in early 2018. Wishing all of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!

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