Lent Preparation Sale – Three Days Only (not 40)!

All the following book titles, being especially suited to Lenten reading, have very reduced prices over Thursday, February 17th to Saturday, February 19th (Central Time) to ensure you’re all set before Ash Wednesday.

Thoughts of the Passion for Each Day in Lent –$4

The School of Jesus Crucified – $8 –  Book Review

Jesus Crucified – $8

The Three Hours’ Agony of Our Lord Jesus Christ – $5 –  Book Review

The Crucifix – Pious Meditations – $8

The Sermons of St. Francis de Sales; For Lent –$8

At the Foot of the Cross or the Sorrows of Mary –$12 – Book Review

Way of the Holy Cross by St. Alphonsus – $2

Why the Cross? – $15 –  Book Review

Cross and Crown: Thoughts for Lent – $13

The Sinners Return to God – $1 – Book Review 

The Clock of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ by St. Alphonsus – $9

And to carry all your books and missals, our signature True Restoration Book Bag is also on sale for only $13!


Theresa is Director of True Restoration Press and hostess of the Restoration Radio series, “The Catholic Home.” She is a cradle Catholic, homeschooling mother residing in Australia.