The Crucifix – Pious Meditations


The Crucifix – Pious Meditations

Translated from the French by Frances M. Grafton


From the Introduction: “It is not on account of the artistic value of my crucifix that I prize it … but what awakens my piety and love is that it represents my Savior Jesus Christ when He recommended His spirit into the hands of His Father. It is ‘the object of Christian piety, holy above all others, the richest in precept, consolation, and hope, bearing with it the privilege of indulgences during life and, above all, for the hour of death.’. . . “The worship of the crucifix occupies so important a part in the sanctification of souls that it will be well to study it in its origin and in its development.”


The book contains seven chapters as follows: The Body of the Crucifix, The Arms and Hands of the Crucifix, The Head of the Crucifix, The Face of the Crucifix, The Wounded Side, The Crucifix and Its Lesson of Silence and The Crucifix and Death.


Imprimatur 1923

172 pages



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